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The Winx Club and Pixies. Top row, from left to right: Amore, Stella, Tecna, Digit. Second row, from left to right: Lockette, Bloom, Flora, Chatta. Bottom row, from left to right: Piff, Layla, Musa, Tune.

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Bloom : A red-headed ordinary teenager that is the main character of the series. The first season of the show centers around Bloom as she develops her magical powers and finds her true origins after a chance encounter with Stella.

Stella : The Fairy of the Sun and the Moon, Stella has long blonde hair. She is a year older than the other members of the Winx Club, as a result of being held back a year.

Musa : The Fairy of Music, Musa has her black hair in two pigtails. She is tomboyish and a bit of a loner.

Flora : Flora is the Fairy of Nature. Flora is friendly, introverted, sweet and shy. She loves experimenting with her plants.

Tecna : Tecna is the Fairy of Technology. She has pinkish-purplish hair. Tecna is highly intelligent and loves all technology. However, she has trouble expressing her emotions.

Layla (Aisha) : The Fairy of Fluids with powers over Morfix, she has brown curly hair. Layla is an affectionate, athletic and adventurous girl who is good at sports and dancing.

The Trix

Main article: The Trix (Winx Club)

The Trix are a trio of teenage Witches that attend a Witch school that rivals Alfea. They are the enemies of the Winx Club.

  • Icy The oldest of the three and their leader, her powers are of dead planets (usually shown as ice).
  • Darcy The second of the three, her powers are of darkness.
  • Stormy The youngest, her powers are of past wars (usually shown as storms).

The Specialists

Main article: List of minor Winx Club characters#The Specialists

The Specialists are a group of students that attend an all-boys school nearby Alfea. Several Specialists become the boyfriends of the Winx girls.

  • Sky The Prince of Eraklyon, he feels stifled by his position. He is Bloom's boyfriend.
  • Brandon Sky's squire, a great swordsman and ladies' man. He is Stella's boyfriend.
  • Timmy The geek of the group. He is Tecna's boyfriend.
  • Riven A lone wolf, very competitive and good at sports. He is Musa's boyfriend.
  • Helia The artist of the group, he is a great pilot. He is Flora's boyfriend.

The Realm of Magix

The Realm of Magix is an alternate universe where most of the series unfolds. It is depicted as an enchanted and highly technologically-advanced universe populated by fairies, witches, and hospitable planets.


The Alfea School for Fairies is a young girls boarding school for Fairies in training. All of the Winx girls met and resided here and had a close relationship with its principal, Mrs. Faragonda .

Cloud Tower

Cloud Tower is a young girls boarding school for Witches in training and and for the most part of the first series it was the residence for the trix witches.

Red Fountain

Red Fountain is a boys boarding school for Specialists.


The differences in the 4Kids and Rainbow version


4Kids Version / Rainbow version

  • Bloom : January 27 * / December 10
  • Stella: August 10 / August 18
  • Flora: March 16 / March 1
  • Musa: May 10 / May 30
  • Tecna: June 8 / December 16
  • Layla: June 15 (same for both versions)
  • Sky: April 27 / March 20
  • Riven: November 6 / October 15
  • Brandon: October 14 / September 23
  • Timmy: January 13 / February 15
  • Helia: unknown/ September 2
  • Darcy: November 26 (only in the 4kids version)
  • A minor inconsistency in the second episode of the 4Kids version's 3rd season has Bloom stating that her birthday "is not 'til December", coinciding with the Rainbow version.


4Kids Version / Rainbow version

  • Bloom's Origin: Planet Sparks / Planet Domino
  • Stella's Origin: Planet Solaria (both)
  • Flora's Origin: The Fifth moon of Marigold,(General) All Green Fairylands / Planet Linphea
  • Tecna's Origin: Third Vector of the Binary Galaxy (General) Techno Dust Fairyland / Planet Zenith
  • Musa's Origin: The Harmonic Nebula (General) Melody Fairyland / Planet Melody
  • Layla's Origin: Realm of Tides / Planet Andros


4Kids Version / Italian language version

  • Cloud Tower / Torrenovula
  • Red Fountain / Fonterossa
  • The Fortress of Light / Roccaluce

In the Welsh translation broadcast on S4C , Bloom is renamed Blodwyn , a literal Welsh translation, and Musa becomes Martha , presumably because the name Musa sounds very similar to the Welsh word mws , meaning stale or stinking. In the Italian version, Winx doesn't have a meaning and it's just a word Bloom made up. In the US version, it means magic. The Italian version has been dubbed into English (although that version does not see broadcast in many countries, other than Southeast Asia, due to the 4Kids version), and most other countries translate from that version, though some countries may use the 4Kids version.

Also, the original English version is ironically known as the UK version, but the UK is known to air the 4Kids version.

North American voice actors (4Kids TV)

  • Bloom - Liza Jacqueline
  • Brandon - Dan Green
  • Stella - Amy Birnbaum
  • Flora - Kerry Williams
  • Icy/Musa/Digit/Mitzi - Lisa Ortiz
  • Tecna - Dani Schaffel / Dana Southern
  • Layla - Vasthy Mompoint
  • Darcy - Caren Manuel
  • Stormy - Suzy Myers
  • Daphne - Bella Hudson
  • Professor Faragonda/Lucy/Dextia/Amaryl - Rachael Lillis
  • Professor Griselda - Su Meredith
  • Timmy/Palladium - Sebastian Arcelus
  • Mike - Stuart Zagnit
  • Prince Sky - Frank Frankson
  • Professor Griffin - Carol Jacobanis
  • Lord Darkar - Matt Hoverman (may be a screen name for Matt Davidson)
  • Codatorta - Matt Hoverman
  • Knut - Marc Thompson
  • WizGiz - Oliver Wyman
  • Incidentals - Suzanne Goldish
  • Saladin - David Brimmer
  • Riven - Michael Sinterniklaas
  • Livy - Natasha Malinsky
  • Mirta - Amy Palant
  • Lockette - Andi Whaley
  • Narsisia - Sara Paxton

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Video Games

The Winx Club has also been made into video games for the Playstation 2 , Game Boy Advance , Nintendo DS and PC. These are published by Konami .

Winx Club video games include:

  • Winx Club (Game Boy Advance)
  • Winx Club (PC & PS2)
  • Winx Club: Join the Club (PSP) (due for release on 11/21/06)
  • Winx Club: Quest for the Codex (DS & GBA) (due for release on 11/21/06)